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Re: [opensuse] Does 'calc' exist as an 11.4 rpm somewhere?? (the CLI calc not office calc)

On Tue, 06 Sep 2011, David C. Rankin wrote:
Anybody packaged 'calc' as an rpm for 11.4 somewhere. Search on
opensuse didn't turn it up. The source is:

Please test:


or add that repo.

Note: the i586 OBS scheduler was "dead" when I built it, packages for
i586 should be built when those boxen are up and running again.

BTW: after a first glance at 'calc' I like it ;) Only that it doesn't
exit after e.g. "echo '2^8' | calc" makes it not quite usable for
scripts. But interactively. Do you know 'bc'?


PS@other_packagers: if you happen to read this, please have a look at
my patch, looking at the generated assembler, it should be ok, but
I'm never sure ... F'up2-packaging or -programming! ;)

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