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Re: [opensuse] burning of a suse install CD
On 09/04/2011 05:19 PM, James Knott wrote:
Constant Brouerius van Nidek wrote:
My son is finally so far that he wants to try out opensuse. Up to now he has
only used Windows. The problem is that windows seems to neglect the .iso
extension. It does not show up. Only in chrome with which he made the download.
USB seems possible but was done without success. Read a lot on the web to no
avail. The iso file seems to be there as far as he can see.
No burning a cd (dvd burner not available). Remember from past discussions that
such burning is not without problems.
Could somebody give me details about the burning process?

Windows generally doesn't display file extentions, but that's just an option that can be changed. The extension should still be there. As it's been a *LONG* time since I've used Windows to burn a disc, I can't offer more details. Also, other than the net install CDs, I think you can only get openSUSE on DVD. However, with a Linux box, you can share the iso and use the net install CD to install on another computer. If that's not available, you can do a net install over the internet.

I'm afraid I don't understand all of the email. As the previous writer notes, you can change Windows so that the file extension is visible.
However, do you or don't you have a CD or DVD drive that's capable of burning the file? If you do, you can download a free software that
_only_ burns .iso files, to CD or DVD, so you can't screw up. It's called CDCC, and it's foolproof. Perfect for fools like me!
I've burned well over a dozen CDs with this software. Hint: change the burning speed to the lowest or next-to-lowest speed for first
time perfection. Your drive may burn faster, but maybe today it won't, so don't ask it to. Take the 5 minutes and be happy.
If, by chance, you don't have a CD/DVD recorder, the prices are quite reasonable nowadays, so get one. You can get a Light Scribe burner
from Amazon for $31:

and then you can label the disk permanently without magic markers, and it looks professional. The media are just a tad higher than the plain ones. The Light Scribe labeling software is also free, and is available for Windows or Linux.(I have no connection with either Amazon on Lite-On.)


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