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Re: [opensuse] ftp
On 03/09/11 03:24, K. Dennis Leyendecker wrote:
Am 02.09.2011 16:33, schrieb Basil Chupin:
On 02/09/11 23:39, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2011/09/02 17:23 (GMT+1000) Basil Chupin composed:

Yes, I definitely like the description, "the world's best Swiss Army
Knife: Midnight Commander"......

The tragic part is that it is now not installed by default, as it used
to be in the past, when installing oS :-( .

True, but at least it's in the Console Tools pattern.

IIRC, it's missing from most live Linux media, and a reason why the only live Linux media I ever boot is Knoppix.

I install my openSUSE from DVDs and not off Live CDs (one exception was oS 11.4 with Gnome 3 downloaded from the Gnome site).

And yes, it is available for installation if you search for it and select it for installation (the same goes for nano for that matter) but it is no longer installed by default

Even GCC seems not be installed by default. I installed a fresh installation of openSUSE 11.4 on my virtual machine, booted it, logged in and tried to compile Linux 2.6.39-rc7 (was the recent release to that time).

I thought openSUSE won´t be like Ubuntu and delivered gcc and make by default. No way. I had have to install gcc and make on my own :/

call me old fashion, but for me, an operating system should at least have a shell, a compiler and a software like make.


You are correct: 'gcc', 'make', 'mc' are no longer installed by default. I compile the nVidia drivers from the nVidia site myself and therefore have to install 'gcc' and 'make' as well as the mandatory 'kernel-source'. OK, the last is not something which needs to be installed as a default but the other two, including 'mc'?......

We are all doomed, I tell you, all doomed :'( ........


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