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Re: [opensuse] ftp
On Friday 02 September 2011 13:06:11 Tejas Guruswamy wrote:
On 02/09/11 11:01, Peter Nikolic wrote:
On Friday 02 September 2011 08:10:26 George OLson wrote:
On 09/02/2011 03:01 PM, Per Jessen wrote:
George OLson wrote:
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good FTP program? the add
on to firefox seems to work ok, but I would like other options.

Command line ftp? From lukemftp.

I see on Yast that I have lukemftp installed, but I don't know how to
run it. Do I just type lukemftp in a konsole? I tried that, and it
doesn't recognize the command.


Well i have a fairly big ftp session to one of the web sites i maintain
every few days i use Gftp as i have found no suitable KDE alternative i
nkow it's that dirty word Gnome but right now it works , I have not
tried direct from Bluefish spose i will one day .

Pete .

What features are missing from the ftp kioslave? (Just type the address
ftp:// in dolphin or konqueror)

To answer a question with a question Have you tried Gftp if you had you would
know instantly what i mean there is no comparrison at all .

Pete .

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