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Re: [opensuse] Recover Linux Raid 0 with 2x2port 3Ware Raid 1 cards
On 9/1/2011 6:49 AM, LLLActive@xxxxxxx wrote:
I am considering replacing the 2x2 Ports with a 1x4 Port to have a HW-raid 10
without needing a Linux soft raid, for more safety;

In my humble opinion software raid is much safer than hardware raid if you are
worried about controller failure
or disk failure.

With Software raid:
1) Any compatible controller will do. On the Motherboard, on an add-in card,
in a new machine.
2) You can mix drive types, even drive sizes.
3) You can span controllers. (your current setup kills the raid if one
controller dies)
4) Replacement controllers don't get harder and harder to find as time goes on

Also, but not related to failure issues
4) Software raid improves as you upgrade the server - its not stuck at the
speed you bought it
5) imposes very little load on the server (contrary to the FUD of the past)
6) easily configured in modern Distros, especially when your machine has 4 or 6
SATA ports. Yast does it.

I've been the 3Ware route. Its nice in that if done correctly your computer OS
need never be aware
that a raid is involved at all. But over the years I have migrated to software
raid for the ease
of maintenance, migration, disk replacement. I've used raid controllers with
their raid software
turned off (via jumpers) just for the ports in the past, but my current servers
have scads of
Sata/eSATA ports making this unnecessary. I still endeavor to put the drives of
an array on
different controllers although I've never seen any measurable difference in
doing so.

Non of this is helpful in your current predicament, just a philosophical

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