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Re: [opensuse] Re: cannot read any text in thunderbird or firefox after installing fonts
On 2011/09/01 10:34 (GMT+0800) George P. Olson composed:

So I could go through and delete all 179 fonts I just installed one by one,
but I would rather be able to use the fonts I installed. Any ideas?

Well, I needed to get firefox back, so I went ahead and removed all the
windows fonts. That solved the problem. I will try again someday to install
windows fonts when I have time to investigate how to do it right.

If you only have one user on the system that needs Windows fonts, they don't need to be "installed". Merely copy them to ~/.fonts while logged out, and unless something is horribly broken, they'll be found and used just as if they had been "installed" wherever the fonts that came with openSUSE are located. If there is/are more than one user, others can access them just as easily by creating a symlink from the first ~/.fonts to that of each additional user that needs them.
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