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[opensuse] Question about Free Software policies within the openSUSE Project
  • From: Kostas Boukouvalas <boukouvalas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 14:09:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <4D133BEA.404@xxxxxxxxx>
What are the Free Software policies inside the openSUSE project?

The only thing FSF notices that separates openSUSE Project from the Emacs Church is "openSUSE offers its users access to a repository of nonfree software" [1].

Could this change? I mean, could this repository be ousted from openSUSE but still being accessible by openSUSE users if they want to? Instructions could be given in forums outside the wiki or the official openSUSE community sites.

Something like packman but with no help from the community. It would also be a chance for business for someone that wants also to help freedom but on the other hand to help a user in the extreme case that some hardware cannot work with Free Software and she wants it to work "the very moment".

Not mention the high importance of having the analytical list of non-free software that may is needed in openSUSE to run efficiently. This would help a lot, programmers, to create new free software and have a roadmap to where they are going.

Also, what's the state of the Linux kernel that openSUSE uses? Recently Debian, changed that and will put on its version 6.0 "Squeeze" a completely free Linux Kernel, blobs not included [2]. Could openSUSE do the same thing?

It is of important value that among the major distributions on [1] the openSUSE and SUSE distributions are the least blamed. I don't think that at FSF didn't searched about openSUSE and searched to find about all others. I think that we are indeed more close to Free Software Guidelines than anyone else in the mainstream GNU/Linux distributions river.

It would worth a lot to make this little step and touch (and maybe open) the door of the FSF.


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