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Re: [opensuse] kde4: 1.6G nepomuk/ (any way to limit this?)
  • From: C <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 10:47:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <AANLkTikLRnq01Zuv-TGhDqsYKgtV=rKPcJgBSrYWqNGG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:33, phanisvara das wrote:
On Wed, 15 Dec 2010 14:00:45 +0530, C wrote:

With Nepomuk/Strigi switched on... I would see a significant
performance hit for about 10 minutes after a restart when it would go
and re-index everything it had already indexed.  After that I never
notice that it's running.
That said.. I've switched it off, because I got annoyed by the 100%
CPU hit for 10 minutes after restarting KDE.

similar here, but for me it's not really 100%, something less. and while
with earlier KDE versions the nepomuk-related processes were actually
blocking my system so that it froze for seconds, this doesn't happen
anymore. i don't see the processes "niced" in the system monitor, but
somehow they seem to "go out of the way" of other applications running; not
sure how. (KDE 4.5.85 at present, but i've seen this improvement with 4.5.x

I should clarify.. it doesn't block up my system... I can still use it
while it's indexing (ie it's nothing like Beagle was)... I just get
annoyed that it runs all cores at 100%, and my system fans all switch
to high... the noise is really annoying. Once it stops its redundant
re-indexing (something I think is incredibly dumb since it's already
indexed everything I told it to index) then my system settles down and
the fans all go quiet.

I wish these tools could be set to run during a "quiet" time of low
activity instead of right when the system starts up. I don't mind
having Nepomuk/Strigi running if it behaves, and post-indexing, it
does behave (on KDE4.6)... but that indexing stage on every single
startup... my laptop almost goes up in flames before it's done
indexing and the poor fan almost spins itself out of the laptop
housing, and my desktop sounds like a turbine race car for 10 minutes
or so. This is why I turn it off....

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