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Re: [opensuse] How do i win some space back?
  • From: Oddball <monkey9@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:54:52 +0100
  • Message-id: <4CFF63FC.2070005@xxxxxx>
Op 8-12-2010 10:56, Basil Chupin schreef:

However, there is another app. called computer-janitor which I have used and this one knows what it is doing - for example I know that I have 2 old versions of the kernel sitting here and it 'told' me that these 2 will be removed because they are no longer required.

I will take a look at it once..

But, this is just my thinking......


Hi B,


Yep, been some time...:-) .

I use mc (midnight commander) and regularly check how large the mail directories in TB are. But as Ken said in one post today, you can control how much is kept by using the option in Preferences - but this is "drastic", so to speak, and works well if you don't care about keeping messages for future reference. For example, from earlier posts, Carlos keeps posts going back to when the world was first created :-D .
lol.. i had also lots of old mails what do you think over 17.000! Glad i got rid of them, just sitting there eating space..

Most of the time I am not concerned about what those which contain posts which can be retrieved from the archives of the mail list to which I subscribe,

but I do pay attention to SENT and SAVED. These last ones I archive first and then delete using TB's built-in feature (or even zap them using mc because the mail directories will get recreated and repopulated by TB when new mail of them arrives).
I used to keep them on the drive, but threw them away anyway... maybe should have kept them, but i didn't..

Doing this saves heaps of space. Use mc, for example, and see how much space is being used up by any of the mail directories. Archiving the biggies saves space (and then transfer the archives to some other media and therefore free the HD).

i wasn't in need for space until recently, mostly because i have seperate partitions for /boot, /various root, /tmp, and the /homes belonging to them...
I used to make the homes 20GB, but the particular one was only 5GB, which is enough if music and movies are on a seperate partition also...

The other thing I do every second day or so - or when I remember :-) - is to copy both the mozilla and the thunderbird directories to either/both an USB flash drive or external USB HD

never even thought about that..

I thought it must be leftovers from updates or anything, and as i have many computers, it did not matter to me to throw the whole ~.thunderbird away...(mail gets in at least 3 of them every day so)
As i have lost so many files along the way, i could not realy get sentimental over what i or anybody else had said somewhere in the past.

Nothing gets "lost" - unless you do something to make it go "lost" or the system crashes so horribly that you cannot recover and therefore things are "lost" :-) .
this is a residue from my M$ decade... lol.

Backup, backup, backup - backup only those files which you consider are important. For me, the only real important files are those sitting in ~/.mozilla, ~/.thunderbird, and ~/Documents. Perhaps also ~/.xine. As for the rest, all are re-installable.

Of course, there are also family photos, music files, and similar, but which are always copied to either CD or DVD and are therefore "immune" to system crashes.

Indeed, i saved, backed-up to a networkdrive, which got infected, and got toal-loss: drive broken! by a virus, could not recover nor repair the darn thing... had to find the burnt dvd's and cd's again to get to the files i allways used..
Everything is changing fast anyway...

Eh, tell me about it...... :-( .

Nice you replied to the thread. ;-)

My pleasure, provided it gave you some info which would be of help to you - which is what I hoped it would do :-) .

Allways (mostly) nice to read your posts..



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