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Re: [opensuse] printing from firefox - unable to change page size??
  • From: Tejas Guruswamy <masterpatricko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 12:50:34 +0100
  • Message-id: <4CA4798A.9090308@xxxxxxxxx>
On 30/09/10 11:05, Per Jessen wrote:
Per Jessen wrote:

Johannes Meixner wrote:

In any case:
Whatever user-specific print queue settings there are in
a particular user's ~/.cups/lpoptions file,

Hi Johannes

I guess that's for a local override? It's currently empty.

any printing dialog should show up with those settings by default.
In other words:
Any printing dialog should show up with the same user-specific
default settings which are marked by a leading '*' in the
lpoptions -p <queue_name> -l

That shows A4 being the default media size. The media source is shown
as "Internal *PF60A and MF1" which is usually represented in the
printing dialogue as "Cassette 1", "Cassette 2" and "MPF".

Oops, that is only in ooo and acroread, not the ff/tb/gimp printing
dialogue. Here it is "Printer default", "Cassette 1" and "MPF".
/etc/cups/ppd/Kyocera.ppd has "DefaultPageSize: A4".

Nonetheless, I still had to change from US Letter to A4 manually??

I then created /etc/cups/lpoptions containing the following:

Default Kyocera DefaultPagesize=A4

(well, that was written when I ran 'lpoptions -o DefaultPagesize=A4 -p

Thunderbird still says "US Letter" and it is greyed out.
I have noticed that FF/TB page size defaults don't match the cups
defaults. My method is to open about:config (easy in Firefox, might need
an extension in Thunderbird) and search for "print_paper_name" and
change it from "na_letter" to "iso_a4".

However I don't see any dialogs greyed out.

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