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Re: [opensuse] question regarding virtual desktops (KDE)
  • From: Oliver Kullmann <O.Kullmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 23:36:13 +0100
  • Message-id: <20100921223613.GX29851@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 02:40:02PM -0400, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Oliver Kullmann <O.Kullmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [09-20-10 14:23]:

2. How to find out efficiently on which virtual desktop you are on?
It seems that the virtual-desktop-button should show some blackness,
but either if the virtual desktop is empty or has a bit more windows
on it, that this becomes invisible. A solution could be to disable the
useless attempt of showing windows in the buttons, but I couldn't find yet
how to achieve that.

Did you try <right><click> on the pager (virtual-desktop-button) and
looking thru "pager settings"?

Yes, but under "General" there is not much, and I use that (except of
"Display icons" --- yet I couldn't find out what that is about --- I try
to look sharply at the desktop, but can't see any difference).
Don't know what "Keyboard Shortcut" is about (no explanations, and a larger
and explained menu is available under "System Settings").

Remember that that "useless attempt of showing windows" may suit other
users needs and many of your requirements/needs/comments are "useless" to
them. A better choice of words would be beneficial.

Then the notion "useless" would become useless (eliminated from the lexicon);
obviously every statement in such a context needs to be understood in the
context of the usage pattern
under discussion.

Actually, this is what would be most needed (and seems to be completely
missing) in
"human-computer interaction" ("user-interface studies" etc.), an attempt at
the various patterns of usage, in a really "sharp" way, not at all in the
PC-motivated direction, "every pattern is well and fine", which just disables
discussion. When installing a Linux distribution, perhaps the first question
would be about the general usage patterns (which might already be accessible
from some central location), and then everything would be guided by these

Of course, in the current general climate (I mean all of society) this would
just result in the elimination of variation, since, as everybody knows, the
consumer just wants one thing, and the producers know exactly what that is.
However, in a really open (and research-minded) environment, I think it
is the way to go.

That is, I believe the preferences for this or that colour, button, mouse
etc. is actually structured, not randomly distributed. It makes sense, I believe
(and thus needs discussion!).

Okay, just to mention.


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