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Re: [opensuse] Moving to IPv6
  • From: Hans Witvliet <hwit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 23:26:39 +0200
  • Message-id: <1284326799.2864.237.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, 2010-09-12 at 08:59 +0200, Per Jessen wrote:
Per Jessen wrote:

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

There is just tons of software that needs to use or keep track of
IPs that simply is not ready.

There is a lot; I don't know about 'tons'. Most software doesn't
care. I think there is very little software that "needs to use or
keep track of IPs". In our entire stack I think we located two
applications that didn't work with IPv6. One of those was very
easily fixed [typically IP addresses end up getting stored as
strings, make the string field longer, recompile, works].

I can name at least three fairly popular bits of software that have an
issue with IPv6 for the moment - spamassassin, php, rbldnsd. openSUSE
also has issues with IPv6 setup for pppd.

You can add asterisk to that list.

Did you tried the 1.8 version of asterisk?
(it's in the repo from vitsoft, in case you don't want to compile it
Russel Byrant hoped IPv6 would be integrated in the 1.6.2-branch, but it
missed the deadline. So now ipv6, together with some other nice features
line srtp) will be available from 1.8,0 onwards.
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