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Re: [opensuse] Dual screen on 11.3 rc2 problems
  • From: Bob Ewart <bob-ewart@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 09:41:13 -0400
  • Message-id: <4C3483F9.60607@xxxxxxx>
Bob Ewart wrote:
I am trying to run 11.3 rc2 64-bit on a dual screen system using the KDE
desktop. When it first comes up the two screens are mirrors. I
configured them to have them side by side. After a reboot the settings
are lost. After searching bugzilla someone said that running sax2 would
solve that problem, but sax2 would soon go away.

It's gone. sax2-tools is still in the repository, but not sax2.

I'm currently running 11.0 using the NVidia driver in Xinerama mode. I
have it set to run a slide show for the background with each picture
spanning the two screens. That's not possible in KDE, but it does work
in Gnome. I currently have the panel spread across the two screens.
That's not possible with either KDE or Gnome.

I tried installing the NVidia driver without success. See Bug 615733 in
bugzilla. The same person reported an earlier critical bug 601320 on
milestone 6 with the response from Lubos Lunak that "We cannot support
closed-source drivers, sorry."

Thanks to Francesco Teodori, I got the NVidia driver to install. You
need to set NO_KMS_IN_INITRD to true via
yast2->system->sysconfig editor->system->kernel
reboot and install (run level 3).

Xinerama is not an option in nvidia-settings. I can set up the screens
to be side by side and move the cursor across them, but can't put a
single picture across them. The panel is still restricted to one screen.


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