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Re: [opensuse] sharing printer to OS X - can't get to work
  • From: Frans de Boer <frans@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2010 01:08:08 +0200
  • Message-id: <4C311458.1090600@xxxxxxxxxx>
On 07/05/2010 01:32 AM, Doug wrote:
On 07/04/2010 09:23 AM, HG wrote:

11.3 is just about to come out! Excellent! However, I'm still on 11.2
and I'm pretty much stuck on trying to share printer to OS X 10.6.4. I
really hope somebody can help here, even though I know that the
problem can also be on OS X side.

So, I'm running 11.2 and I have Canon iP4300 connected to the server
via USB. I have enabled samba server (from YaST) to share folders.
Works... although form time to time it seems that OS X looses the
connections and can't get them up before reboot (I changed to OS X
from Windows - this isn't making me happy BTW). OpenSUSE server
doesn't have firewall enabled (so that at least that is not the
problem). I've tried everything, but I'll try to recap now...

I'm not sure whether you must print thru a network, or if you
really just want to share the printer. In the latter case, there
may be
an easy way out:

I have an HP LaserJet (2200D) which has three inputs: parallel,
USB, and
IR. (I don't know of anything that outputs IR, but maybe some
laptops do.)
However, the Windows machine is connected to the USB port, and
the Linux
machine is connected to the parallel port, and everything works
(Not sure what would happen if both machines sent a print command
at the
same time, but since it's only me sending, I can't be at two
at once.)

A cruder method would be a mechanical switch, which is available

The list manager didn't like my inclusion of the http details--don't
know what
specifically annoyed it--but here in plain English:

Part number 40121A. Price: $11.73

Hoope that helps. --doug

Well, I can't make you happy but I had the same problem of connection
from OSX - using WiFi - to the cups server. Luckily I use a networked
printer (HP CP1515n) and connected directly from OSX to that. Why I
can't connect to the cups server - set everything open, no FW etc - is
beyond my understanding. Maybe something specific to OSX? [must be true,
since Apple is the biggest monopolist now :) ].


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