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Re: [opensuse] IPv6 firewall
  • From: James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 10:27:08 -0400
  • Message-id: <4C0BB03C.7030809@xxxxxxxxxx>
G T Smith wrote:
James Knott wrote:
> G T Smith wrote:
> The company I get my subnet from also sells a "CPE" that plugs into your
> network and provides the tunnel. However, those who wait are more
> likely to make expensive mistakes than those who have a proper plan that
> gives them time to experiment.
?! Early adopters are usually the ones who end up in difficulty. Those
who learn by someone else mistakes and do their own R&D usually are
better positioned to not be cut by the bleeding edge when they do decide
to adopt.
I was referring to a period for setting things up and making sure they work, before deploying to customers, although they might be offered a "beta" service. Doing so is much better that working in panic mode, where you all of a sudden find you have to do something yesterday, to provide what your customers need NOW!!!. What happens to an ISP, who ignored the depletion of IPv4 addresses, when the day comes when he goes to get another IPv4 block and can't get one? Will they then start learning about IPv6? IPv6 has been in the works for many years (I first read about it 15 years ago) and has been in use for years too. The tools are already here. It's been proven. The ones who will have problems are the ones who haven't prepared. Not understanding where your business is heading and preparing for it is not only short sighted, it's suicidal.

I would expect tools (and standards) to manage IPv6 external
connectivity to be developed rather than wholesale infrastructure
changes to be implemented; as the former could be relatively cheap to
adopt, and the second significantly expensive.

The external connectivity is already available for free, via tunnel brokers. That part is very easy. The problem is with ISPs who have to update their networks and get off their butts to support it. Some equipment may have to be updated or replaced. In the mean time, they should be getting their networks ready as much as possible.

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