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Re: [opensuse] IPv6 firewall
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 12:13:08 +0100
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James Knott wrote:
Per Jessen wrote:
I think the ones who need to see the light are the access providers, but
I have read or been told that the issue there is the availability of
consumer-level IPv6-cabable CPE.

Actually, some ISPs have seen the light and some consumer level
equipment is now IPv6 capable. A friend of mine has a router, not sure
if D-Link or Linksys, that can handle IPv6. Modern operating systems,
including Linux, BSD, Mac and Windows have been IPv6 ready for years.

I'd strongly recommend people set up tunnels to IPv6 brokers in the mean
time. I use Freenet6 from They have clients
for Linux, Windows, Mac and BSD and can be configured for either a /56
subnet or a single address. There are other tunnel brokers available.

BTW, there is no charge for using that Freenet6 tunnel, but if you don't
register, you're limited to a single address. If you register, you get
a static address, DNS to that address and can configure for a subnet.

For legacy hardware there is third party firmware that provides IPv6
support. BTW The kit is produced by a few manufactures (and possibly
re-badged) to a cheap and cheerful spec, and not normally by the ISP

I think the major issues with IPv4 based ISPs will be be the cost of any
changes made, persuading their consumer base to migrate and explaining
the reasons for the change. In a places with a very competitive industry
no-one is going to be willing to put themselves at a potential
competitive disadvantage (waiting for the first to make the change so
that they can capitalise on any mistakes made will be order of the day).

Try and explain how to perform the above to the average home user :-)

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