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Re: [opensuse] Windows 7 question
  • From: C <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 12:24:34 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTilk4TTYVTEuUt59aQYs8e0JnTGsQWyN6Bq11-il@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 12:09, Leen de Braal wrote:
I've set up my nice new system as dual boot, Win7 & SuSE 11.2. Everything
ok, but for one thing at the moment. I got Win7 with my system here in
Germany. I was told by the clerk that I could tell it to use English the
time I turned it on. Well, it did not work. Now every time I use Win7 it
up in German. Could someone tell me how to get it to run in English?

You cannot.

At least that's how it is mostly done:
On first boot you have to choose which language version of Win you will
use. This version will be installed, the images for the other languages
(not chosen by you) wil be deleted.
A recovery partition will be available, but I do not exactly know if this
is made after deletion of the discarded images, or if they are still in
You could try a recovery (Alt-F10 or F11 when booting, check the manual),
if you want to know for shure. Will also make it necessary to re-install
your linux, probably.

My experience is.. it depends. :-P It depends a lot on which version
of Win7 you actually have. You might be able to do what's described
and/or here:

I've never tried this with Windows German edition since I have learned
to buy my computer hardware and software outside of Germany eg
Netherlands (since you can - usually - only get German keyboards and
often - but not always - only German language software inside
Germany... as well.. for gaming, games are highly censored if they are
retailed in Germany).

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