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Re: [opensuse] unable to login to KDE under newly installed 11.2
  • From: Julien Michielsen <julien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 12:44:12 +0200
  • Message-id: <201006041244.12748.julien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 03 June 2010 18:00:58 Anton Aylward wrote:
Julien Michielsen said the following on 06/03/2010 11:19 AM:
it's properties:
ls /mnt/b5/juk4/.kde4/share/config/kwinrc -l
-rw------- 1 julien users 226 May 31 10:28

This way it looked when I watched id after logging in as julien under
kde3.5. But when logging in to my kde4 user juk4 on suse 11.2, and
subsequently logging in under a console, the properties were identical.
So appearantly the options in the file don't change (no new options are
presented) under 11.2

Could this be seen as a 11.2-error?

I doubt it very much.

Lets see:

I presume that /mnt/b5/juk4 is the home directory rather than /home/juk4
and that this is what is found in /etc/passwrd for that account.

Could you run the following two commands please (as root):

id juk4


id julien

Thank you.

Indeed, on the 11.2-machine /home/juk4 is the home-directory of user
juk4. He is the only user on the machine (together with root of course)
Root, however, has no problem logging in, and as user root I can do
everything on the machine, But I don't trust myself as root, and want to
log in as normal user.
When logging in under non-X console
#id juk4
uid=1000(juk4) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),33(video)
on this kde3.5 machine:
uid=1000(julien) gid=100(users) groups=16(dialout),33(video),100(users)

hope this will be of help to you.

Unix *is* user friendly! You just aren't necessarily on the A-list...

Julien Michielsen

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