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Re: [opensuse] KMail problem
  • From: Ed Greshko <Ed.Greshko@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2010 12:06:54 +0800
  • Message-id: <4C087BDE.9060806@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On 06/05/2010 11:41 AM, Doug wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:

On 06/05/2010 07:17 AM, Doug wrote:

I thought I had solved the KMail problem, but it's back. I give up!
I have installed Thunderbird, and will use that, even tho I liked
KMail better.

Does anybody know how to add a "sig" in T-Bird? I had to add the one
below by hand.

Edit-->Account Settings ....

There are "Signature text" and "Attach the signature from file" settings.

That doesn't seem to work. I found a place to turn off the encryption,
and that seems to have worked--I didn't have to uninstall anything.
There is no html. But there is no sig. In Linux, there is
Preferences, and under that, advanced>config editor and you get a long
long list of things you can modify, and I did modify "Default
signature_file" to specify my sig, and it shows there, but it doesn't
seem to come out on the outgoing mail. In Windows, under tools>account
settings, there is a place for a signature text, or to attach a text
from a file, as was suggested. Also in Win, there is a choice of reply,
reply to list, or reply to all. Reply to list doesn't seem to exist
in Linux either. The version I d'l ed today is (20100302)
which would seem to make it current.

Rereading the above, maybe what Linux wants is an actual file name
and location, rather than the string I typed in. (The list allows
"string.") I'll look into that. Do I have to learn yet another mail
client? If so, what?

First.... On openSUSE 11.2 the most recent version of TB is 3.0.4.
What version of openSUSE are you using and how did you install TB?

Second, based on what you have written above, I think you went to
"Edit-->Preferences" and not "Edit-->Account Settings". I don't have an
older version of TB installed...but I don't think things changed in that
area. (I don't know if this list allows attachments.....but I've
attached a screen shot).

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