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Re: [opensuse] USB times out cant see what's on drives
  • From: Richard Atcheson <ratcheson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 22:51:14 -0600
  • Message-id: <201001062251.14297.ratcheson@xxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 05 January 2010 09:13:39 Will Stephenson wrote:
You could mount it manually, or try use gnome instead of kde.

I fired up gnome and the insertion of the usb hd works normally. When I went
back to kde the gnome keyring daemon came back up. Killing it has no effect
on using the external hd. One thing I did notice is when the drive is
detected and I'm given the choice to look at it with File Manager, I can delay
looking at the drive as much as several minutes, then open the file manager
and 6 seconds later it goes away. Works like that everytime.

Agreed, or you could try quitting applications which might be telling hal
to umount the device.

One candidate would be the automount module in KDE 4.4 - look at Configure
Desktop->Advanced->Service Manager->Startup Services->Removable Device
Automounter and Stop it.
I looked for the Removable Device Automounter and it's not there. Perhaps I
should look for one to install??

There were a couple of KDE 4.3 automounter
applets on which were all pretty flaky, if you installed one
of these, try without it. Are there any KDE 3 apps running? Perhaps one
of those started the KDE 3 automounter and it is competing with the above
desktop automounters?

The only automounter I can find is autofs. Could that be the problem?
I noticed that gnome has its own automounter.

Nope, no KDE3 apps running.

Also check if nautilus is running, AFAIK it would
handle this under GNOME and is sometimes started by using GNOME apps.

Nautilus is not running

And why is gnome-keyring-daemon running as root and logging to
Must be a holdover from booting into Gnome.

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