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Re: [opensuse] restoring X setup after doom3 locks up
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 22:12:32 +0100
  • Message-id: <hi2uc0$58p$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
David C. Rankin wrote:

Per Jessen wrote:

If no joy, then ctrl+alt+f1 and 'rcxdm stop' look for any hung X
processes with 'ps ax | grep X' and kill any remaining. Then rcxdm
start and it will throw you back to the greeter where you can start
a new session. (ATI fglrx driver by chance?)

Yep, but I don't want a new session, that's the main issue. I want my
old session back with all the open windows etc.

The graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1650.

Dunno how to break this to you, but more than likely you are not going
to get your old X session back -- "ever".

Well, 9 times of out 10 it works fine. I.e. doom3 exits normal, and my
regular X session is back. I'm pretty certain it's a some rare
race-condition somewhere.

Why? The fglrx driver is notorious for not completely unloading, with
some hardware (9600 - 9800 cards) nothing short of a 'power off
restart' will unload the remaining driver fragments.

Hmm, with the most recent driver, I have had more situations where I've
had to to a cold start - with the previous one, I could just restart X.

My GUESS is that when doom flips the resolution from your normal res
to the framebuffer res it uses, with pieces of the driver for your
native res as well as the framebuffer loaded.

Yeah, something like that, I'm sure.

With the 1650, you should be fine starting a new session without
having to do a power-off shutdown. ( I believe X1200+ no longer
requires the power-off shutdown to clear the driver fragments).

I have not yet had to power off, but it's becoming increasingly annoying
having to restart everything after such a crash. knode doesn't take it
too well either.

The only other tidbit I have is to make sure you are using the fglrx
8.532 driver (from the 8-9 driver package). It seems to be the best
from a performance/stability standpoint. From 8-10 through 9-3 the
fglrx driver included support for the 2400+ series cards that really
screwed performance for the 1850 and earlier cards. If you are happy
with your current driver - keep it.

I think I'm on 8.593 right now. I had the same problem with previous
drivers too though. Whatever I've got installed now will usually leave
little black areas on my screen when I exit doom3, but I barely notice


Per Jessen, Zürich (-2.5°C)

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