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Re: [opensuse] ntp and wireless
Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
I have a laptop that uses wireless controlled by Network Manager. (11.2
RC1 - and it seems to be working again!)

If I want to keep time in sync with ntp, it seems that the network must
be up when booting. Which is not the case with Network Manager. How does
one get ntp working when using Network Manager. I suspect there are
other network services that do not function. But I am interested
specifically in ntp.

Roger Oberholtzer
Roger - if you get a good answer to your question I will be interested also. That has been my biggest complaint also about the Network Manager, is that it does not make networks available until after booting up is complete. I not only need ntp myself, but also must automount a number of network devices during bootup for a number of scripts I have custom made, and my backup (Bacula) client needs the network available during boot up also.

So I configure the network management to use the traditional ifup and ifdown methods instead. Those commands do work during boot up. I far prefer graphical tools, so I don't have to remember command line arguments and a well designed GUI will guide the user to the solution(s) he/she is looking for. But some GUI based applications, like Network Manager, need to be designed to be robust enough to work even when the user cannot interact with them, such as during boot up time, and I am not sure that it has (at least I have not been able to figure out how either)...

Marc Chamberlin

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