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[opensuse] Initial impressions 11.2 RC1
  • From: Teruel de Campo MD <chusty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 09:03:38 -0600
  • Message-id: <1256742218.6972.53.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Summary: great and very stable, KDE4 is becoming more and more polished.
My BIG THXS to all the developers.

I will start with the only major problem I found

Problem: DNS

When I installed openseuse 11.1 the major problem I got was that I was
able to ping but not to be able to use firefox neither see any
repository. The problem was solved. It seems it came back again with
11.2 RC1. The temporary solution is to enter by hand the DNS's. This
occurs both in the liveCD and in the DVD x86-64.
I will not expand here. Bug 549447 - Able to ping, no DNS

1. The creation of a usb stick is very easy and reliable which was not
the case before. An improvement would be to be able to save changes into
a file, but now is like a CD whatever you change goes to the ram disk
and then is not retained. Some of the small distros devoted to usb stick
like puppy linux save the changes and then this file is read when you
boot the usb stick again. The speed is very fast comparing with the real
CD. I will use the usb stick for maintenance mainly system backups to
tape. Until now I use physical partition because it was simple to do
backups using puppy linux for maintenance, now I can use easily LVM and
backup and restore the whole system from the usb stick. GREAT.

2. Yast looks great. The partitioner works perfect, webpin is a new
addition. Well all is good.

3. Firefox integration is big plus for kde users.

4. It is hard to evaluate performance comparing it with a production
system like I use opensuse 11.1 but it feels faster and more responsive,
mainly faster.

5. ext4 seems to work very well, no problem since I use it. I crushed it
few time to evaluate recovery and everything has been fine. I have not
experimented with Btrfs yet.

6. KDE 4x is getting better and better. Still there is a problem with
the system tray widget. I filled bug report before, I'll do it again.
The widget fails in two ways a) the icons are represented by a blank
square (the only one ok is the mixer) this is a new problem b) if you
have opened another activity the system tray widget will show in all
activities and the graphics are distorted and you can no see the config
and it can not be resize or removed except only in the original
activity. BTW the system tray works very well on the panel. This bug
creates a problem if you want to remove the panel and replace its
functionality with widgets.

This is going to be a great release.


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