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Re: [opensuse] How to set up LIRC?
Mike McMullin wrote:

IIRC the grey remote uses the lirc_i2c module the same as mine does,
so it's a question of checking to see if the modules is getting loaded
and if not then loading it and setting it to load at boot time. A
simple way of finding the module location is to grab a shell and do
locate lirc_i2:

Mike@P-733-Lin:/var/lib> locate lirc_i2

Hmmm Mike when I use the locate command it just returns with no output.
What I did originally was to cd into the directory with the module
file and then lsmod | grep lirc*, then modprobe lirc_i2c and then redid
the lsmod (why? well it's really the first time I had to load a module
and make sure it loaded every time at boot, so I wanted to see the
results as I progressed through this). IIRC insmod lirc_i2c is used to
have the module load every time, but I could be wrong, I was following
the far ranging advice of google.
Whoosh! Sometimes Linux can give me a real headache! Ok I attempted to follow your route and here is what happened -

nova:/var/lib # lsmod | grep lirc*

lirc_atiusb 14692 0
lirc_dev 11068 1 lirc_atiusb
usbcore 165556 8 snd_usb_audio,snd_usb_lib,lirc_atiusb,ati_remote,usbhid,uhci_hcd,ehci_hcd
nova:/etc/modprobe.d # modprobe lirc_i2c
nova:/etc/modprobe.d # lsmod | grep lirc*
lirc_i2c 7808 0
lirc_atiusb 14692 0
lirc_dev 11068 2 lirc_i2c,lirc_atiusb
i2c_core 29892 18 bttv,lirc_i2c,cx88_vp3054_i2c,cx88xx,dvb_pll,tuner_simple,tda9887,tda8290,msp3400,saa7127,saa7115,tuner,ivtv,i2c_algo_bit,v4l2_common,nvidia,tveeprom,i2c_i801
usbcore 165556 8 snd_usb_audio,snd_usb_lib,lirc_atiusb,ati_remote,usbhid,uhci_hcd,ehci_hcd

So far that seems pretty good. I have one question. Will this be persistent? In other words do I have to execute this modprobe command, to load the lirc_i2c module, each time I reboot my computer? If so, is there a script or config file somewhere that specifies what kernel modules are to be loaded on boot up? I Googled around and learned a bit about loading kernel modules but nothing answered this question. Also, how in the world is one suppose to be able to discover what kernel modules are available on a system? This seems like a lot of insider knowledge! Is there a tool (with a GUI to guide a poor soul) that helps a user to configure the kernel with appropriate modules? I am looking at all this output and just shudder at trying to understand all this!

I also have an IR Blaster with runs off the serial port of the computer. With this, I am going to want to control a Dish Network HD settop box and a Harmon Kardon receiver. So I have run the IR transmitters to the front panel of each, in front of their IR receivers. I have tracked down a set of button code definitions for the Dish Network HD settop box and appended them to the lirc.conf file (where I already have the button code definitions for the Hauppauge 350 remote) I have not yet tracked down the Harmon Kardon codes yet, so I may have to generate them myself later.

You might want to subscribe to the mythtv mailing list for this info.
Well further Google attempts and a visit to the LIRC website seemed to indicate that I need another module loaded in the kernel called lirc_serial. However when I tried to load it I got the following surprise -

nova:/var/lib # modprobe lirc_serial
FATAL: Error inserting lirc_serial (/lib/modules/ Device or resource busy

I dunno for sure what I am doing, so consider this as a bad guess on my part? I will keep Googling but wowza am I getting in over my head? Sure seems awfully complicated! If you (or anyone else) got any ideas, I sure could use some....
YaST2 reports that I have the lirc-kmp-default and lirc-kmp-pae packages already loaded.

So what we really need to do is determine which module drives the
remote, and get it loading, so google for the 350 and it's remote to see
what lirc module it needs.
Didn't I just do that already? With the lirc_i2c module? Or are you referring to something else and perhaps I lost you...
There are a few on this list using mythtv, and the best resource that
I've run across is Charles Philip Chan, who's helped me in the past, and
looking back at some older messages, you too, but I didn't see any
mention of which module you used for LIRC.
Yes, the wiki, I did not find much help in it, updating it would be

Yes I have been down part of this path before, but it was so long ago I have forgotten what I had done to get the Hauppauge IR receiver working... That coupled with a computer crash that lost all the previous configuration did not help matters any. So yeah I will try to capture as much as I can on the wiki for future reference!!!


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