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Re: [opensuse] Practicalities of IPv6
On Sun, 2009-10-25 at 08:48 -0400, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
Per Jessen pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Hans Witvliet wrote:
I friend of mine just bought a simple brother-printer, which support
IPv6. Not the first piece of equipment on my shortlist of stuff i
would want to support it, but they do, out of the box.
And as said: bsd, linux, slowaris, ios, hp-ux, xp, vista, they all
support it.
Operating systems. I took a quick look around to spot what I've got
that is IPv4-only:
Kyocera printers.

We have the same issue with ~30 HP 4200n printers. Clients talk to the
CUPs printer server via IPv6. CUPs talks to the printer using IPv6 if
there is an IPv6 DNS entry, otherwise it uses the IPv4 entry. This is
entirely transparent - and we just require IPv6 on all new printers.

Cisco SPA9XX phones

So you have a couple of legacy services that won't do IPv6, let them
continue to use IPv4. If you publish an IPv6 DNS record clients will
use that [at least for Windows Vista and LINUX]. If there is no IPv6
DNS entry they fall back to IPv4. I just don't see why a couple of
legacy services should hold-up beginning the roll-out of IPv6.

<aside>Of course, at least in the case of MySQL, I always recommend
upgrading to something else anyway. If it takes them as long to support
IPv6 as it did to support transactions, constraints, etc....</aside>


Hardly a deal breaker. Our UPSs, server IPMI cards, and DS1/DS3
multiplexors don't support IPv6. These types of devices tend to have
even crappy IPv4 support. So long as the NMS can reach them it doesn't
matter - no one is suggesting turning off IPv4.

And this type of gear is usually on its own vLAN anyway - the thought of
someone plugging a laptop into your network, getting a DHCP lease, and
then probing for your UPSs (which is easy) is disturbing. I trust APCs
stack about as far as I can toss the batteries.

Leased servers in external datacentre

Really? They don't even show an fe80::*

Netgear Wireless AP (one).

You AP doesn't need to support IPv6 to bear IPv6 traffic.

visiting peoples laptops.
better slowly grow into it, than have to do a crash action in a year
or two time. I shouldn't make it a top priority item on your agenda,
but make shure it is on your agenda.
If it's not on the top of the list, it most probably will slide further
down and end up not getting done :-(
I totally agree that any sane person (who is involved with computing)
should be at least thinking of IPv6. However, to suggest that it isn't
still bleeding edge (as Adam does) is just silly.
This is an article from 1997:
Is IPv6 bleeding edge, no, little used, yes. It's been around over 10
years! How long does something need to be available to stop being
"bleeding edge"?

Little used?

You can access Google via IPv6
Comcast's entite internal network
USA's Department of Defense

I don't accept the "little used" position. Proportionately very small
via IPv4, yes. But positing "little used" requires a very myopic look
at the landscape - restricted only to Internet traffic. There are many
very large IPv6 deployments.
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