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Re: [opensuse] Practicalities of IPv6
Haha, you're surely joking. My router doesn't deal with IPv6, it
doesn't know what it is. My firewall ditto and my "policies" too. My
printer which is less than two years old has no clue about IPv6. My
Netgear wireless AP, also about two years old, has no clue.
Doesn't create any serious security problem for me - coz' despite IPv6
being present, nothing actually uses it!
That's funny,
I friend of mine just bought a simple brother-printer, which support
IPv6. Not the first piece of equipment on my shortlist of stuff i would
want to support it, but they do, out of the box.

Yep, Brother has been ahead of the curve for awhile. I was surprised
when we did the review that our Brother document centers supported IPv6.
The HP LaserJet's 4200 don't.

And as said: bsd, linux, slowaris, ios, hp-ux, xp, vista, they all
support it.
better slowly grow into it, than have to do a crash action in a year or
two time. I shouldn't make it a top priority item on your agenda, but
make shure it is on your agenda.
Just when doing a new project: some parts should have been delt with,
like security, support, documentation, IPv6.
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