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Re: [opensuse] New way to thoroughly check for network bottlenecks and simulating a network load
On Sat, 2009-10-03 at 03:43 -0500, David C. Rankin wrote:

For those that dream of a good tool to generate sufficient network I/O
testing routing, etc.. Take one or two of your Linux boxes containing
VirtualBox (Linux host/XP or Vista guest) Forward X via ssh from a remote
computer at the office that has the XP or Vista guest and then from an xterm
type "VirtualBox" then hit the Start button on the VB console. Works great
will provide a sustained load on the internal subnet as the guest (now on
box via ssh) goes through the boot process that appears to be somewhat I/O
intensive for the windows guest. 45min and I'm still waiting to get a usable
task bar, Best part about the setup -- FREE :p

Funny you should mention this. Just last night I just did a ssh to a
Linux box from a linux box, going through a third linux box to make the
connection. I ran VMware remotely, starting a Windows XP OS. I was
surprised how snappy it was. I expected what you saw, but in fact got a
very usable session.

So, I think part of your problem is how your parts are connected. I
suspect a bottleneck more than a general flaw in the idea. I think the
slowest ethernet interface in my setup is my broadband connection at
home (the ultimate destination of the VMWare/X session). Perhaps one of
your machines has too little RAM?

Roger Oberholtzer

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