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[opensuse] Re: Windows (NTFS) file defragmenter from Linux
  • From: Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 16:43:37 -0700
  • Message-id: <4AC69029.8040405@xxxxxxxxx>
Jay Mistry wrote:
I would like to defragment my Windows C:/ drive (main system drive,
NTFS-formatted) from within Linux so as to enable moving/defragging
in-use & system files as well. Is there a method/ utility that will
enable me to do this ?
Very dangerous idea. I'd say not.

Use sysinternals tools to defrag inuse file -- will defrag
registry, journals, hibernation, pagefiles....anything else you should
be able to kill off processes responsible for using them.

sysinternals now owned by ms, so if you type in ''
will take you to download site.

tool (a gui based tool) you will want is 'pagedefrag' --
it does it's magic on your next reboot as your machine is coming up

It also has a 1-file defrag (which can operate recursively
on subdirs as well).

Also rootkit scaner, tool to find files hidden from the Winapi,
and a bunch more...the author wrote the 'Windows internals' series that he's
just updated for Windows 7. he was an independent (he wrote more tools
back then)...MS made him an offer he couldn't refuse -- a VP level MS-fellow
engineer position -- but keeps him away from releasing the same volume of
of free tools he used to -- though he still puts some out, so all is not

either in the addr bar or google for sysinternals website.
either way will get you to the MS download site. There's a download button
to download all the tools at once...a good bet, as so many are very useful.
(tracing registry and/or file accesses)...

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