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Re: [opensuse] Boot Script
  • From: Manfred Hollstein <manfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 12:11:52 +0200
  • Message-id: <20091001101152.GH16463@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Wong,

On Thu, 01 Oct 2009, 11:55:41 +0200, Wong wrote:
Hi Manfred,

I have script was run on Redhat 9 (I put in /etc/rc.d/rc.local)


EXT_IP="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -d \ -f 1"
INT_IP="/sbin/ifconfig eth1 | grep inet | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -d \ -f 1"
iptables -A FORWARD -s $INTRANET -d ! $INT_IP -p tcp --dport 25 -j DROP


But it is unable to run on SuSE 11.1 (I put in /etc/rc.d/boot.local)

Seems SuSE did not recognize the command EXT_IP="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 |
inet | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -d \ -f 1"

Thanks a lot for your helps and advises.

I'm sure your script didn't do what you expected it to do on Red Hat
either. The line

EXT_IP="/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -d \ -f 1"

Before those lines, I had EXT_IP=`/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | cut -d
: -f 2 | cut -d \ -f 1` , but not work

it's perhaps that current versions of ifconfig now also print out the
IPv6 address, which results in a trailing newline in your command. If
your actually only interested in the IPv4 address, you should use the
following command:

EXT_IP="`/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | sed -n -e 's,.*inet addr:[ ]*\([^ ]*\)

If you want the IPv6 address, use this:

EXT_IP="`/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | sed -n -e 's,.*inet6 addr:[ ]*\([^ ]*\)

just assigns the text literally to the variable $EXT_IP. If you actually
want to get the output of the command, you'd have to put `...` around
the command as in:

EXT_IP="`/sbin/ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -d \ -f

The same is true for the INT_IP line.

I just tried the line above but also could not work as expected.

If the above still doesn't work for you, you should describe what you

Please advise. TIA



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