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URLs in Email (was: Re: [opensuse] A single 80mm exhaust fan can make an 18 deg.[...])
  • From: "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 10:56:20 -0500
  • Message-id: <200906291056.24145.bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
In <4A48C2E6.5090907@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dave Howorth wrote:
David C. Rankin wrote:

You were complaining about your mail reader breaking URLs into half. One
reason is when people forget to format URLs correctly in emails:

How is this:


Any more "correct" that just writing the URL out? Specifically, what IETF
RFC, W3C recommendation, or IEC, ISO, or IEEE standard specifies this?

I've used "<URL: $URL >", "<$URL>", and simply "$URL" and none of them give
consistently good results. The second is broken just as often as the other
two, and some clients stick the trailing '>' in the URL.
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