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Re: [opensuse] Re: Hardware problem
  • From: David Haller <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 17:18:34 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090623151834.GA16473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Sun, 14 Jun 2009, James Hatridge wrote:
On Sunday 14 June 2009 09:08:19 Per Jessen wrote:
James Hatridge wrote:
I got a Hitachi 1TB hd last week. I could not get my system to see it.

Hi Jim - _how_ was it not seen? Did the BIOS not recognize it?

I'm sure that the motherboard is working, I moved the other hds around
and I could see that the system at boot was finding the new hd. But it
would skip it.

Okay, your BIOS skips it - then my guess is that it is too big although
I didn't think there was any special BIOS limit around the Terabyte

During the boot the system would find the first 3 disks and then wait for
30-60 seconds. Then it would go on with the boot. I changed the cables around
making the new disk #3 and my older disk #4. When I booted then it stopped at
#3 for 30-60 seconds then skipped to #4 and found my old disk at #4. So I
then had disks at #1,#2, and #4.

I wonder about the disk being too big because the MB is about 3 years old and
back then there was nothing bigger than about 500gb.

I think I'll return it and get a little smaller one, say 600-750gb.

I doubt that'll help. The next lower limit I know of below 1TB is
137GB (128 * 2^30 B / GiBiBytes). And I use 4 IDE drives over that up
to 500 GB on a MoBo from 2000 (BIOS Release: 11/17/99!), AMD-756
[Viper] IDE controller. The BIOS shows the drives as 136GB, but no
problems under Linux (haven't used Windows with those drives
though). Next problematic size I know of is at 2 TiBiB.

What your problem might be, is that your drive is (un)jumpered to use
SATA 2.0 / 3 GBit/s Mode but your controller / BIOS can't handle that.

Have a look at the jumpers, usually there is one to set the drive to
SATA1 / 1.5 GBit/s mode.

Do you happen to have one of the controllers mentioned in this?:


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