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Re: [opensuse] Re: IBM X40 Screen is extremely dark when resuming from suspend
  • From: Dave Plater <dave.plater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 09:03:52 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A407E58.60902@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Anthony Simonelli wrote:
On Thursday 18 June 2009 02:59:03 pm you wrote:

Running openSUSE 11.1 KDE 4.2 with Intel integrated card. Suspend to
hard disk performs just fine. Suspend to RAM also works great, except
for one big problem. When resuming from suspend, the screen is
extremely dark, so dark you can barely see what you're doing.
Adjusting the brightness controls or restarting X doesn't do anything.
It is not until I reboot the computer does it operate properly. It
looks like a back light is turned off or something when it goes to
suspend but doesn't get turned back on when resuming. Maybe a kernel
module that is unloaded and not loaded back? Didn't find a bug report
on this so has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know what
I can do to fix it?

Found a bug reported in launchpad that described my very same problem:

It was suggested to try s2ram --force --vbe to reset the graphics card's vbe
state after a suspend. I tried it from the command line and it solved my
problem. Now the question is how do I get the the Suspend to RAM option use
s2ram with the --vbe option?

I found this forum posting:

and explained that s2ram options can be set in a file called config.
Therefore, I put S2RAM_OPTS="--vbe" in a file called config and saved it in
the /etc/pm/config.d directory. Rebooted my computer and, after logging in,
I shut the lid to my laptop, watched it suspend, opened it back up, and my
system was up in a blink of an eye. Amazing! I hope this helped someone out
there and I thought I'd pass it along. If there is somewhere else that this
would be well suited, please direct me there.

You should file a bug at with reference to
the ubuntu bug.
Dave P
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