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Re: [opensuse] UUID=>0x and LVM
  • From: Philip Mötteli <philip.moetteli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 16:39:57 +0200
  • Message-id: <E63AE01D-3B3D-4734-9904-87EA337E99C2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Am 19.06.2009 um 18:46 schrieb Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.:

In <7DEBCCBF-A797-45BD-B953-CCD82E03C2CE@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Philip Mötteli
Am 18.06.2009 um 17:15 schrieb Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.:

I did a 'modprobe -l' and loaded all those available, that haven't
been loaded so far:

modprobe -l does actually load any modules.

I did load them with just 'modprobe' and controlled, if '/proc/ modules' is showing them.


Neither one of these will make ide/pata/sata/sas/scsi devices appear.

These are the only ones that 'modprobe -l' lists as being available but are not shown as loaded in '/proc/modules'.

No sdc appears in '/dev'.

Make sure you have all the modules you need installed.

It has worked for a long time now. So the needed modules have surely been available. At least, until these problems started.
Apparently my client did some very dirty power offs. Is it possible, that these destroyed some entire directories on the disk? (This is a SuSE 9.3 system.)

On my laptop, they
are coming from 3 packages: kernel-default, kernel-default-base, and kernel-

Here I have only the following directories (listed by 'modprobe -l'):


If there are some directories missing, I should perhaps install a 9.3 SuSE somewhere and just copy over these directories to the broken system?

you could simply write a shell loop to load each
module looking from one that makes /dev/sdc appear. Something like this (as
root) might work:

modprobe -l |
grep -E '(ide|ata|sas|scsi|raid)' |
while read ko; do
kof=$(basename "$ko") &&
module=${kof%%.ko} &&
modprobe "$module" &&
if [ -r /dev/sdc ]; then
echo "Winner! Module is: $module"
modprobe -r "$module" ||
echo "Sorry, couldn't remove module $module."

Thanks for creating this script. I wouldn't be able to create a shell script quickly like that.
But unfortunately, not 'grep', nor 'basename' are available in the fall back shell.
So I just did it by hand. After all, there are only 21 modules and actually none of the not loaded ones belongs to the group (ide|ata|sas| scsi|raid). So there was nothing to do.


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