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Re: [opensuse] grub no longer being maintained? so Suse drops support for XFS boot?
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 12:00:53 +0200
  • Message-id: <h1aesl$h55$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Brian K. White wrote:

But, how do you know all those things in lilo?

There aren't many of "all those things" in lilo.
There's 9-10 common parameters that hardly ever change (from system to
system) and you don't need to know much about them in any detail. Then
there is 6 lines of parameters per bootable image, which also don't
vary much. The vga setting does occasionally, but I tend to use the
80x25 on all production systems anyway :-)

You learned 10 things 10 years ago and they haven't changed since
then, and don't want to replace 5 of those things with 6 others

No I don't - not as long as the only argument is "lilo is not supported
by openSUSE".

How do you address mistakes in lilo at boot time? You can't.

I don't make mistakes in lilo.conf :-) There's so little to fiddle
with. When it _does_ happen, I boot up a rescue system, quite often
Knoppix. Seriously, how often does one fiddle with the bootloader
config and how often does one make mistakes such that the
grub "advantage" is actually advantageous?

There are probably freaky fluke cases where lilo performs some task
that grub fails at, but I have not heard a single one so far.

At some point there was an issue with booting from RAID1? I haven't
looked into it, so I could be way wrong.

software? What is so special about the boot loader that it must stay
frozen in 1994?

2007 you mean. The last lilo release was 2007.


Per Jessen, Zürich (17.8°C)

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