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Re: [opensuse] Legacy hardware support in openSUSE 10.3
On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 16:28 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2009/06/16 21:26 (GMT+0200) Per Jessen composed:
I don't the efficiency of a desktop PC is really much of a topic. When
we're talking about computational power per unit-of-energy, it's not
very useful to talk about a system that is idling and in power-save
mode most of the time. In fact, I have to wonder if average power
consumption on the desktop really is up - I would have thought
power-saving measures have become so much better in just the last 2-3
years, that average consumption would have gone down.
I don't see how anyone could infer our discussion applies to systems in power
saving modes. Whatever gets used in those modes isn't materially related to
what gets used when the systems are actually _used_. None of my systems are
ever allowed into a "power saving mode", other than being turned off when

Why not? Power savings features have worked very smoothly for quite
some time. Back-in-the-day there were many problems.

Probably newer systems are better at getting into and out of power savings

Newer systems also scale their clock-rate and other featuers on a
moment-by-moment basis, which means power consumption floats *allot*
(highly variable) but over any reasonable stretch of time modern systems
come out ahead.

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