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Re: [opensuse] Stupid Google Redirect URL Utility
  • From: Ted Markowitz <tjm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 10:23:48 -0400
  • Message-id: <4A2E7074.5050800@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

WRT the Firefox extension you suggested: I think there might be
something like what you're thinking of already. I use Greasemonkey
(, which is a
Javascript re-writer, and along with it one of the scripts from, i.e., something called "GoogleMonkeyR"
( Among other things it does
like multi-column layout of the search results, etc., it also adds a
"Trackless" link to each of the search results with all the Google-cruft
removed from the URL.


Randall R Schulz wrote the following on 06/08/2009 06:37 PM:

I am most peeved by Google's recent change that make it impossible to
copy URLs or Save Link As... from the search results pages.

So I wrote a couple scripts to ease the process a bit. The basic script
and the pair as a whole are named for an initialism for Stupid Google
Redirect URL: SGRU (which you should feel free to pronounce
as "screw").

- sgru [stupid-Google-Redirect-URL]
Convert a SGRU to a real URL. If no command-line parameter is given,
the contents of the Klipboard is used.

- sgruget [stupid-Google-Reirect-URL]
Retrieve a the contents of a SGRU using wget. If no command-line
parameter is given, the contents of the Klipboard is used.

- klip
Manipulate the Klipboard from the command line

For me, the most common use is to copy-link one of these URLs switch to
a shell and run either sgru (if I need the URL) or sgruget (if I want
to download).

One thing to keep in mind is that wget preserves the modification time
returned by the server while simply saving a URL from Firefox does not.
So if you're used to seeing newly downloaded files at the top of a
time-ordered directory listing, this may surprise you.

Although I haven't done it yet, I think assigning a global keyboard
accelerator to the default (no-argument) "sgru" invocation would be
useful, especially if you like to copy URLs from Google search results
pages often.

Randall Schulz


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