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Re: [opensuse] Stupid Google Redirect URL Utility
  • From: Dan Goodman <Dan.Goodman@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 19:14:00 -0400
  • Message-id: <4A2D9B38.8060707@xxxxxxxx>
Randall R Schulz wrote:

I am most peeved by Google's recent change that make it impossible to
copy URLs or Save Link As... from the search results pages.

So I wrote a couple scripts to ease the process a bit. <snip> ...
Thanks for the scripts.

IF I continue using Google, they will come in handy.

But what is Google thinking, making their tool slower and dumbed-down,
at a time when they are both experiencing network slowdowns, and their
biggest would-be competitor is introducing a competitive product
(assuming Bing can compete)?

(And this is "do no evil" because why? And what else is Google doing
with code to try to track me, above and beyond what I am willing to
search for on its browser, if it feels that it must not only find out
what I searched for, but then connect to it only through them? In short,
it MAKES me want to look for an alternative...feels like an attempt to
retrofit more data capture on top of "free search".)

I accepted the loss of full Boolean search, such as AltaVista once
offered, mostly because I could find no other option to do so. And I
came to use and like Google, for a variety of reasons, including no
viable alternative for what I was losing.

But with this, I have an option, and an incentive, to try to do
something else. And I have to imagine that a lot of other people who
don't want to wait for the added connect time, will also want a bypass
option. Should be a piece of PC Mag freeware in about a New York minute.

What would be really nice would be a way to connect this up to just open
a tab or window using the data extracted by these scripts, rather than
stopping at presenting the bare bones URL (although this alone would be
a big help, going forward.)

Any idea if this would be a feasible extension?

Dan G.
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