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Re: [opensuse] Nokia Nseries and gnokii
  • From: Adam Tauno WIlliams <awilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2009 12:38:35 -0400
  • Message-id: <1244306315.22837.662.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sat, 2009-06-06 at 10:27 +0100, G T Smith wrote:
Adam Tauno WIlliams wrote:
"alternative"? Syncing with eGroupware uses Funambol as the SyncML
provider and integrates via a connector; as does just about every Open
Source groupware server (OGo, Citadel, Zimbra, SOGo, etc...). Does the
eGroupware in the repo provide a pre-configured Funambol instance?
The version of egroupware I have currently running does not use
funambol, (it has its own internal SyncML support). Now egroupware, may
have since ported to a version using a funambol plugin (which would make
sense because some of the results were occasionally a little odd with
its own SyncML support), or may offer funambol as an alternative to its

It would also make sense as Funambol provides an architecture for
dealing with the nuances of various devices - which is allot of work.
These are in the form of "synclets" which are written in Java beanshell
and can be used to customize the SyncML transactions at various points;
most importantly the input and output pipelines based on the devices
user agent string. One good document [very few exist!] that provides a
tour of this functionality can be found at

I have not looked at Citadel or Zimbra for a year or so I cannot comment
on them but I believe SOGo have their own WebDAV based client for their
own synchronisation technology,

No, for mobile device support SOGo absolutely uses Funambol and provides
a custom connector that does not use WebDAV. Although SOGo's GroupDAV
support can also be used to support sync - again via Funamabol - using
the Funambol GroupDAV connector <>.
CalDAV/CardDAV/GroupDAV based fat-client support (Microsoft Outlook,
Novell Evolution, Kontact, Thunderous Turd, etc...) and mobile device
support while superficially similar are, in actual practice, very
different animals.

I have not looked at the latest version of funambol yet (not a lot of
point until the Thunderbird/Lightning funambol connector can be got to
work again on Linux/openSuSE),

I disagree; Thunderbird integration with your groupware solution can be
achieved much more effectively via CalDAV/GroupDAV than via SyncML.
Funambol's support for fat-clients will always be an after thought as
their emphasis is on the [quite different] mobile device sync. It is
important to avoid if-your-have-a-hammer-everything-is-a-nail mind trap
that "syncronization" can become.

I want to upgrade server before loading
this for obvious reasons. For the first version I loaded the unofficial
funambol MySQL support which required some tweaking of the MySQL
settings to get working. For the version installed currently (which does
have official MySQL support), I am not sure to what extent this tweaking
can be removed, in short I have to start from scratch.

I have never used Funambol's direct-DB support so I cannot comment on
that (it violates the layers of architecture and is inappropriate in en
enterprise environment, IMO).

IIRC The original funambol project was a PHP script which I believe is
still available, at some point (to add to the confusion) this was ported

I do not believe so. The original Funambol project was Sync4j:
<quote>The Funambol project was started in 2001 by developers because of
the lack of an open source Java implementation for mobile device data

If you can get a local IP link between PC and device all things are
possible (puTTY or VNC on a symbian phone is a bit of fun, and there is
a rather handy free phoned based FTP server).

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