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Re: [opensuse] Nokia Nseries and gnokii
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2009 10:27:55 +0100
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Adam Tauno WIlliams wrote:

"alternative"? Syncing with eGroupware uses Funambol as the SyncML
provider and integrates via a connector; as does just about every Open
Source groupware server (OGo, Citadel, Zimbra, SOGo, etc...). Does the
eGroupware in the repo provide a pre-configured Funambol instance?

The version of egroupware I have currently running does not use
funambol, (it has its own internal SyncML support). Now egroupware, may
have since ported to a version using a funambol plugin (which would make
sense because some of the results were occasionally a little odd with
its own SyncML support), or may offer funambol as an alternative to its
own support. The repo version I have not checked recently, as the server
machine is still on 10.2 it needs to be upgraded before I check, and
that upgrade is not going to be straight forward as there is rather a
lot of development stuff on it.

I have not looked at Citadel or Zimbra for a year or so I cannot comment
on them but I believe SOGo have their own WebDAV based client for their
own synchronisation technology, and it is this that is currently used to
sync egroupware with Thunderbird in my setup.

I have not looked at the latest version of funambol yet (not a lot of
point until the Thunderbird/Lightning funambol connector can be got to
work again on Linux/openSuSE), I want to upgrade server before loading
this for obvious reasons. For the first version I loaded the unofficial
funambol MySQL support which required some tweaking of the MySQL
settings to get working. For the version installed currently (which does
have official MySQL support), I am not sure to what extent this tweaking
can be removed, in short I have to start from scratch.

IIRC The original funambol project was a PHP script which I believe is
still available, at some point (to add to the confusion) this was ported
to Java which is also still available.

If you can get a local IP link between PC and device all things are
possible (puTTY or VNC on a symbian phone is a bit of fun, and there is
a rather handy free phoned based FTP server).

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