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[opensuse] 4 days up and running on KDE4.3Beta1 - I see no need to switch back.
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 02:59:54 -0500
  • Message-id: <200906060259.55203.drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Since I have been a staunch pessimist of KDE4 ever since my bad
with 11.0 and then another huge disappointment with 11.1, I thought I would
follow up with this. After Rodney's thread on new cool stuff in 4.3beta1, I
decided to give it another go. That was Wednesday.

I have only logged into kde3 once (briefly) since then and I don't plan
going back. Don't get me wrong, KDE4.3 still has plenty of bugs. Since
Wednesday I have file 5-6 bugs with and 4-5 with Novell, so a good 10
or so in the past 3 days.

However, most are the same kind/level of bugs that KDE3 still has, so
showstoppers by any means, but stuff needs to be fixed. However, I find
KDE4.3Beta1 is more than usable as a primary desktop.

KDE4 was *not* usable when it was released with 11.0 and was *not*
when it was released with 11.1, but it *is* more than usable now. I don't do a
lot of multimedia/music stuff, so I cannot tell you about Amarok/Mplayer/etc.,
but I have messed with about everything else, including virtualbox, ooo, kmail
& kontact w/eGroupWare integration, basket, konsole, mc, yes even dolphin,
etc... (knotes popup-notes crashes) I haven't worked with kdevelop apps yet.
There are probably 1000 more little bugs to write, but the notable bugs I
reported to were:

knotes causes SegFault in Kontact

kmail "message structure" needs show/hide button

Basket New sub-basket does not respect color scheme

fish_kio Fails in kde4.3 for konqueror, kate, kwrite, etc..

The Biggie is the fish_kio slave that is still badly broken. No fish
for KDE
apps like Kate, Kwrite, Quanta, etc.. But, you can use fish over the *LAN*
with konqueror(KDE4) but it dies immediately after connection if you try fish
across the internet. (See:
However, you can simply open konqueror(KDE3) right next to the KDE4 version
and fish works just fine...

(If you don't use fish, then you will never notice, but it your do rely on it
-- watch out)

So all-in-all, KDE4 is really getting there and is usable as your
desktop. If you haven't looked at it since 4.1, you are in for a pleasant
surprise. If you install it and find that one of your must have apps is
working right - file a bug report to make sure it is working by the 11.2
release. (That's how things get fixed)

If you install KDE4.3Beta1 with the 1-click install, then you will need
install yast2 from the factory-oss repo to get Software Management Working
again (new qt45 libs verses the qt44 libs used by the kde3 version)

After prompting from Rajko, this cured the problem:

zypper ar factory-oss

zypper ref -r factory-oss

zypper in -r factory-oss yast2

Rodney had to add a few more steps, but recovered nicely:


After much screwing around with zypper (and failing) I resorted to the tried
and true rpm -Uvh --oldpackage <packages> and downgraded libqt4 (and
associated packages/dependants) to 4.5.1, re-ran yast2 in ncurses mode to
update the yast2 packages to the latest in factory-oss and it all works again


Lastly, there is one setting that really helps you appreciate the
effects in KDE4, that for some reason is set to a horrible value by default.
Under the desktop effects -> "all" -> (then under details for Cover Switcher
and Flip Switcher and others) the "Animation duration" is set to "default"
which is probably close to "0ms" from what I can tell. The "default" setting
makes all of the carefully coded effects look jerky and awkward. The values
that really smoothed them out and made them look great was a setting of 250ms
- 300ms (What looks the best for you will depend on your graphics hardware)

I suspect the default value is probably off by a factor of 10. (i.e.
set to
25ms when it is probably intended to be set to 250ms) Only your processor
cares about a 25ms delay -- you sure won't notice... If you haven't messed
with the Animation duration setting yet, try setting it to something like
270ms and then try your effects again. The results are pretty striking.

Good luck, and remember, the more bugs you are willing to take the
time to
write, the better kde43 will be when 11.2 arrives.

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