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[opensuse] Re: Problems with resize2s [was: Problems growing a logical volume with LVM tools.]
  • From: "Ciro Iriarte" <cyruspy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 16:25:15 -0400
  • Message-id: <a998a0140809251325k3a8df0d5udb153e00ed06b470@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2008/9/25 Vinai Roopchansingh <vroopcha@xxxxxxx>:
Ciro Iriarte wrote:

However, there is one last issue. The resize2fs tool does not want
to grow the filesystem beyond 4.3TB. I was able to run:

# resize2fs /dev/array2/rd2 4300G

With a FS of that size, probably you use big files and probably
(guessing again) you'll be better with XFS anyway

That was an excellent suggestion - thank you again. xfs seems easier to
work with and grow, and also seems better behaved than ext at these TB
volume sizes.

successfully, but with no argument (original attempt) or anything else
beyond that size, I get the message:

# resize2fs /dev/array2/rd2 5100G
resize2fs 1.40.2 (12-Jul-2007)
Resizing the filesystem on /dev/array2/rd2 to 1336934400 (4k) blocks.
resize2fs: Memory allocation failed while trying to resize

I think this is specifically a bug with resize2fs, as I was able to
larger filesystems with mkfs. I tried growing the partition by smaller
smaller amounts, but it seems I could not grow the file system beyond
size. Where can I file this bug to the ext2/3 tool set ?

Will, this is the place to go:

On a hunch - I tried to get the latest e2fsprogs and compile it locally and
run it, but I am getting the same message. So it definitely an upstream
bug. I am not sure where to file a bug with e2fsprogs as its page is
sparse, and there's not much else up there, other than source code ...

But thank you again Ciro. Your suggestions have definitely helped ...


Please, keep the replies on the list, that way everybody can benefit
from the conversation. You can also try ext2online (although it's
older than resize2fs). About the bug report, it's fine to post it on
the Novell Bugzilla, people from Novell always report
suggestions/patches upstream.

So far, I didn't hit this kind of issues with reiserfs and XFS, both
fill the use case spectrum for me :)

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