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Re: [opensuse] Typing Japanese in KDE 4.1 (or 3.5)
  • From: Joop Beris <opensuse@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 12:18:41 +0200
  • Message-id: <200809211218.46521.opensuse@xxxxxxxx>
Hi Satoru,

Thanks for your suggestions! I think they did the trink. I had some time last
night, so I added the M17N repo to the list on my wife's machine and pulled
in the latest updates.

On Friday 19 September 2008, Satoru Matsumoto wrote:

Using scim(skim)-anthy, you can easily switch between kanji, hiragana,
katakana and so on with some function keys while typing.

Here are examples:

[F6] まつもと <= HIRAGANA
[F7] マツモト <= KATAKANA
[F9] matsumoto <= ZENKAKU-ALPHABET
[F10] matsumoto <= HANKAKU-ALPHABET

Is this helpful to your wife ?

We found these key bindings in the Scim control panel, but they didn't work
for some reason before.

And I advise you to add M17N repository to your install source, so that
you can get the latest packages for inputting Japanese.

To add the repository, just execute these commands as root:
# zyper ar -r
(one line)
# zypper ref
# zypper up -t package
# zypper dup

Doing the actions you mentioned above, did solve the problem as far as I can
tell. Pressing F6, F7, etc, I can switch input modes between hiragana and
katakana and so forth, so that looks good. This was not possible before.
Also, the desktop is now fully translated, which is great. Thanks!

And one more thing, if your wife has Japanese related troubles in using
openSUSE, subscribe to opensuse-ja mailing list, in which she can ask
questions in Japanese.
We will welcome her. :-)

Thank you for the suggestion. That's something for the future, I guess. First
we got to have her working with it. Which, now it's possible to easily type
Japanese, won't be such a problem. Thanks again!

Kind regards,


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