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Re: [opensuse] strange samba rsync problem gets worse
  • From: Damon Register <damonregister@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 09:11:00 -0400
  • Message-id: <48C28164.10804@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Brian K. White wrote:
"man rsync", under --iconv=CONVERT_SPEC

says nothing will happen unless there is a charset option in the daemon config
I put "charset = cp437" into /etc/rsyncd.conf on a remote machine and restarted
Do you have to restart? I thought I read somewhere that it reads
the config everytime it runs

and it says to use --iconv=local_charset[,remote_charset]
Now I am really confused. I am looking at the rsync man page right now
I don't find what you said about the charset requirement. Am I missing

first I tried a few tests with iconv itself, not involving rsyc, just to get so
I know how to use iconv itself.
After a lot of tests I'm not so sure this option is going to be very useful.
Thanks for all that work. I am beginning to thing the same about its

not very useful for filenames. I don't know what your final answer should be other than forcing everything everywhere (samba and rsync) to use utf8 or utf16 so they all speak the same character set.
I think that is the conclusion I reached too. Based on what I saw from the
rsync'd file on the server, I conlcuded it was getting converted to utf8
so I tampered with the cifs mount to the samba server until I got it to
match. Now when I use the samba connection to view the files that have
been rsync'd to the server, the characters match. So, I may never figure
out those iconv problems but I guess it isn't so important now.

Thanks again for all your help

Damon Register
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