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Re: [opensuse] strange samba rsync problem
  • From: Damon Register <damon.w.register@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 16:51:49 -0400
  • Message-id: <48BDA765.9010202@xxxxxxxx>
Brian K. White wrote:
That's not strange at all. That's just the natural consequence of using
> different character sets in different interfaces to display the same
> string of bytes.
Thanks for the detailed explanation. It makes a little more sense
to me now.

What if any measures have you taken to ensure, or at last assure,
that all things which touch the file are either all using the same character set and encoding, or failing that, that all parts are accurately and fully configured to know what character sets and encodings all other parts are using so that they may correctly translate in those cases where they might do so?
Probably not enough yet :-(
I am still trying to learn just what I need to do and how to do it

If you have no idea, then you will regularly see what _looks_ like errors like this, unless you simply avoid using any characters outside of the traditional low-ascii alpha-numeric values where most character sets happen to use the same glyphs for that subset of ascii byte values.
That might be unavoidable since my wife is from Peru :-)

If you speak the word "see" into a tape recorder,
And then play it back to a blindfolded, english-speaking, optometrist, they probably hear
the word "see".
Play the same tape back to a blindfolded, english-speaking, sailor, and they probably
hear "sea".
... spanish-speaker, probably hears "si".
... elglish speaking software developer probably hears "C".
sounds like something we heard in our cultural diversity class

If the console is configured not to do any character translating or software
font loading and is thus using codepage 437, and if samba is not doing any
translating, then when you ls that file name at the console, instead of
lower-case-a-acute, you'll see an alpha.
thanks for the good detail. I suspected it was a translation
issue but didn't understand enough to analyze

Since I really only care about what the client PCs (windows and
SuSE) see and use, what the Solaris server sees isn't so important
to me. Perhaps if I make sure that the rsync operation and any
later retrieval through the samba mount use the same character
translation or maybe none at all then I might be ok. I finally
found the new (since rsync 3) iconv option, I may be able to
adjust what rsync does to match what samba does. If I remember
correctly my fstab entry for the samba mount on the client
specifies ISO-8859-15 so maybe I should do the same with rsync.
I will test tonight

Damon Register

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