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Re: [opensuse] File associations issue with FIreFox
On Tuesday 02 September 2008 08:48:00 am Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
Runing openSUSE 11.0 I have an issue with Firefox. Mainly I need to
open PDF files from a website. When I would select the PDF file it
could never open it with the right application. So one time I told it
open with Adobe Acrobat and it did. Now I can select "Open" from the
downloads list and the PDF files open with Adobe Acrobat (but they
always did from Konquerer file manager) BUT now it seens EVERY file
from within Firefox opens with Adobe Acrobat.

How can I tell FIrefox to obey the file type associates defined in

Okay, it isn't just me.

I have a similar issue only I am instructed to open all files with KTorrent.

Since Firefox/GTK doesn't have a suitable file association browser, it makes
things very difficult. IOTW, it doesn't integrate with KMenu, so I have to go
find the app exe file
in /usr/src/bin/share/opt/something/else/that/doesn't/make/sense

Any ideas on how to fix this?

kai || ||
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