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Re: HP & Linux support (was [opensuse] Printer Recommendation?)
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 13:34:32 +0100
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Duaine & Laura Hechler wrote:
Jerry Feldman wrote:

Having been employed by HP in the Linux area, I know that HP spends a
lot of bucks in the Linux area.
OH DO THEY NOW..........then why doesn't my HP dvd640 drive burn DL
DVD's -- and -- their firmware utility only supports Windows (NOT even
Mac) -- and -- when I called HP, they were insistent that their DVD
drives are ONLY supported under windows (NOT even Mac)

Especially, when the chief product designer of the DVD writers was the
one that email me back stating all of this !!!!

AND, that same designer, REFUSED, to answer my question on how, under
Linux products - they - sell, do they update the firmware under Linux.

NOW, I have to basically trash a - good - working - DVD drive - all for
the use of DL burning,


Maybe you are talking to the wrong people. DVD support for Linux is
nowadays mostly handled by the author(s) of dvd+rw-tools with or without
the assistance of the DVD manufacturers. (Though I notice the site seems
to have some sponsorship from HP).

Go to ...

for more info...

Whether the HP first line support people (or any IT first line support
people) should know more about their products and IT generally is not
debated. The majority are muppets who drive 2nd and 3rd line support
people and customers crazy.., (but as the old saying goes if you pay
peanuts you get monkeys... and if they are not monkeys they are usually
managed by donkeys... pardon me mixing my metaphors...:-) )

However, if you really believe that you got a personal response from the
chief product designer at HP then you are definitely living on a
different planet to me (most likely it was 1st line support minion
drafted in to respond to the hoi pollio )....

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