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Re: Cisco VPN Client (WAS: Re: [opensuse] Re: Checkinstall dropped from Opensuse )
On Monday 09 June 2008 10:48:04 pm Joe Sloan wrote:
Kai Ponte wrote:
On Monday 09 June 2008 02:00:11 pm Sloan wrote:
I just tried connecting using kvpnc again and had no luck.

Fortunately, Network Manager did not get FUBAR.

Well that's progress, so I suppose there is some encouragement to be had
from that. Perhaps some day in the not too distant future, the
developers could have a look at that, and maybe even get it all working.

If they do or not - I've got the cisco vpn working...

Sure, the cisco command line vpn client works for me too, no problem -
it's vpnc that crashes and burns.

Yeah, I just stick with cisco vpnclient and re-run the configuration tool
after a kernel update.

I use it pretty much every night to connect to work and clean out my inbox. (I
follow the David Allen ( approach of having
an empty inbox at the end of each day, in spite of getting 350+ emails daily. I need to stop working and getting back to compiling quake...

Compile it? I'm still running the q3demo I downloaded in 1999!

Actually, it was one of the quake engines - fitzquake.

I want to play one of the v1 or v2 games but can't seem to find what works.
Apparently I need one of the CD's or something like that.

I still have the important games, though. :P

kai || ||
remember - a turn signal is a statement, not a request
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