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Cisco VPN Client (WAS: Re: [opensuse] Re: Checkinstall dropped from Opensuse )
On Monday 09 June 2008 09:39:22 am John E. Perry wrote:

Ok. Personally, I've never had to compile anything (that's one of the
reasons I use suse -- almost everything imaginable is available
already). Now, I'd like to use the Cisco vpn client to work from home
on my employer's systems. Cisco has a linux version, which I have to

Unfortunately, making an RPM for that is useless. For some stupid reason, the
VPN client is tied into the kernel version. So, every time the kernel is
updated the VPN client is borked and you have to reinstall.

Here are some instructions I wrote on using the VPN client in *nix.

However, I often just use the XP VPN client under VMWare or Virtual Box. That
way, I don't mess up my internet connection on the main machine and am only
on the corporate network under the guest OS. Here's me using the Windows XP
VPN client in VMWare to connect to my Vista machine and remoting into another
openSUSE machine at work....

The version I have is apparently adapted for my employer's environment,
and it has to be compiled for my machine, or at least for my
distribution. The package here is larc-vpn-linux-, and I
don't know whether I can even give it to you (I'd have to ask), but
since Cisco distributes it to their customers, maybe they will give you
a general copy.

The version is probably not specific, but may have your employers PCF file.

This may be more specialized than what you are thinking of, but it's the
only thing I've ever considered trying to compile. And, of course, it's
a perfect illustration of the usefulness of checkinstall. Without
checkinstall, I'd have to try to keep track of whether and what to
uninstall every time Cisco updates the package.

And, even with checkinstall available, I've dithered for a couple of
weeks, now, trying to work up the courage to do this :-).

Again, I'm doubtful that checkinstall would work, since you use the Cisco

kai || ||
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