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Re: [opensuse] solved (+ OT rant): cannot connect to WLAN
  • From: Evens Garde <evans.garde@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 07:36:34 -0400
  • Message-id: <4847CFC2.7030707@xxxxxxxxx>
Carlos E. R. wrote:
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The Thursday 2008-06-05 at 06:15 -0400, Evens Garde wrote:

> > any operating system. But Telefonica insists that the Browser must be
> > opened with Windows! ¡increíble!
> > > > I guess M$ pays quite a sum to Telefonica for this unbelievable
> > "information"...
> > [/rant]
> > Did you tell the "support" person that he or she is a
> complete idiot? I would have.

Would that have helped solve his problem?

Yes, of course.

His step to solving his problem of being an
idiot is understanding that he is one.

Do you really think that insulting the employee will help you solve any problem? Rather, he (you) would be put on a black list. When ever he calls again the note "jerk" would show up and all employees attending him for ever after would have that in mind when answering him (you).

Yes, very helpful.

And then you ask for someone with a clue.
And if they can't find someone with a clue,
you're switching ISPs.

It's all very simple -- it comes down to money --
if they fail to provide competent support, you stop
giving it to them, and give it to someone else.

But FIRST, you, you give them a chance to prove that
they are worthy of continuing to give them your money
before cutting them off.

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