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Re: [opensuse] solved (+ OT rant): cannot connect to WLAN
  • From: Daniel Bauer <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 23:38:40 +0200
  • Message-id: <200806032338.40594.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
The solution was simple: reset the modem-router to factory defaults.
OT-Rant about non-linux-supporting "support" below...

On Tuesday 03 June 2008 15:30:12, Daniel Bauer wrote:

I have a weird problem with my WLAN - everything seems to work but I cannot
connect via WLAN to the Zyxel adsl modem/router anymore. I am here in
Barcelona/Spain and the telephone company telefonica supports only...
Today I didn see the WLAN of my modem anymore in the list of
So I called telefonica and they said, there might be too many users with the
same channel. So using a cable ethernet connection and via Web-Interface of
the Zyxel modem I changed the wlan-modem settings to another channel.

Now I can see the WLAN again, but I cannot connect.

So, something went wrong while I changed the WLAN channel in the modem router.

I called again telefonica's "support" line (6 cents/minute for waiting...) and
there he said: I see from your last call that you use an operating system
instead of great holy Windows. I am very sorry but we cannot give any support
to people not using Windows.

I insisted: it is a problem of the router, that's independent of the OS. He:
Yes, but we will have to check the functions of the modem and for this we
need Windows programs, so I really cannot give you any advice.

So, I rebooted with that Vista that's still on this laptop, clicked a thousand
times: no, idon't want to update, no, I don't want to buy Norton, yes it's ok
if it remains insecure (well, it's Windows, isn't it, and Norton wouldn't
change that), no I don't want Windows mess-aging, no, I can look out of the
window if I want to know about the weather [it rained]...) and finally
the "system" stopped asking me stupid questions and so I called Telefonica

And guess what: the supporter asked me to open Internet-Exploder, connect via
cable to the modem-router and tell him what was written on the screen....
That was all! Just open a browser! I could have done that with any operating
system. But Telefonica insists that the Browser must be opened with Windows!

I guess M$ pays quite a sum to Telefonica for this
unbelievable "information"...

Sorry to fill your mailbox with that - I just had to get rid of the feelings.

Thanks to the list people for the help and hints.


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